AT&T’s Text Customer Satisfaction Survey Impressed Me


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Chat customer experience

So, I was sitting on my patio surfing the Internet on my iPad and I came across this news story:

AT&T doubles data on high-end plans, starting at 15GB tier

The doubled data is part of a limited promotion, but customers who sign up keep that data for as long as they’re on the plan.


I have ATT wireless and data service for both my business and my family. So, yes, this caught my interest.

My first thought was, why didn’t ATT personally notify me of this promotion? I have much to say on this, but I’ll save it for a future blog post.

My second thought was, I have to sign up for this now.

The promotion is real. All you have to do, if you are a current (or new) ATT wireless customer, is call ATT and request the upgrade. I literally doubled my family’s data plan and that makes my children very happy. I don’t have to pay a penny more and I didn’t have to sign a new contract. That makes me happy.

I signed up for the promotional plan yesterday and today I got a survey from ATT about my experience. I was impressed with the survey and I want to share it with you.

The survey came via text. That impressed me. That’s fast and it’s cutting edge.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample 3

The initial text thanked me for calling and invited me to participate in a short 4-question survey. Four questions. Sure, I have time for that.

I responded to the first question and then boom. The second question arrived.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample 2

Within seconds the survey was over. But ATT was smart. They gave me an opportunity to free form explain why I answered the way I did.

ATT Customer Satisfaction Survey Sample

Brilliant. This was their opportunity to get real feedback.

Text surveys are unique, fast and convenient. If a text survey is a good fit for your industry and product or service offering, consider reaching out to your customers via text.

Here are details on the ATT double data promo, just in case you’re an ATT customer.

DALLAS, Sept. 27, 2014 — Beginning Sunday, Sept. 28, AT&T is offering new promotional Mobile Share Value plans that include double the amount of data offered on Mobile Share Value plans with 15GB to 50 GB of data. New and existing customers who proactively sign-up by October 31* get 30GB of data for the price of 15GB** – perfect for families and small business customers.  AT&T customers will benefit from this offer, which includes domestic unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited international messaging from the U.S. to select countries. – See more at:


Myra Golden’s Slide Deck from ICAE in Newport Beach: Verbal Aikido as a Strategy for Handling the Consumer Vigilante (Extremely Difficult Customers)


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Verbal Aikido

I had such a fun Monday! I taught Aikido!

Well, I taught verbal Aikido.

On Monday, I had the privilege of being the opening keynote speaker at the Insurance Consumer Affairs Exchange Conference (ICAE) in Newport Beach, CA.

As you know, much of what I teach is focused on how to most effectively deal with difficult customers.

So, for ICAE I designed and delivered a keynote (and workshop) on how to deal with extremely difficult customers. I call these customers collectively The Consumer Vigilante.

In my keynote, I explained that today’s consumers are impatient, savvy and relentless. Some customers, the consumer vigilantes, will stop at nothing.

I walked my audience through the toll difficult customs are taking on employees and organizations:

  1. Extremely difficult customers are putting serious stress on employees. This stress is bringing down morale and inviting burnout.
  2. Difficult customers cost companies money! The time it takes to deal with unhappy and extremely difficult customers is taking time away from your best customers and resulting in a poor customer experience because staff can’t deliver the best service to the best customers.

I shared thoughts, stories, perspectives and research to inspire my audience to take a more focused approach toward handling difficult customers. And then I offered a powerful solution to handling difficult customers, the consumer vigilantes of the world:

Verbal Aikido

My keynote was very well received. We laughed, engaged and learned 5 principles from Aikido for dealing more effectively with extremely difficult customers.

For the benefit of my wonderful ICAE audience and as a treat for my blog readers, I am posting my slide deck from the presentation. I also have a link to the videos I talked about in my keynote.

Enjoy. Share. Learn. Download the slide deck right here.

“Put Yourself In Their Shoes” video


This is such a powerful video that truly gets participants to feel for another person.

And here’s the Jack Nicholson clip I talked about near the end of my keynote:

I actually feature this clip in my full-day customer service workshops. It gets hilarious laughter for sure, but after the clip we discuss how the waitress could have handled this customer better.

Watch the video, paying careful attention to the waitress. Note your first impression as she approaches Jack’s table, her facial expression, attitude, etc. Next, flip the script. What might she have done differently to have the situation end MUCH differently?


The lesson here, of course, is to be flexible and friendly. These two attributes will take you a long way with customers, even the most difficult of customers.

Need a Keynote Speaker to Talk to Your Organization About the Customer Experience? By all means, consider me!

Myra Golden runs Myra Golden Media, a customer experience design agency that specializes in helping brands create the best possible customer experience throughout all contact channels. Myra has designed customer experience platforms for such companies as Verizon Business, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, National Car Rental, Michelin Tires and Frito Lay. She has been named one of the Top 10 Customer Service Bloggersand she is co-author of Beyond WOW! The Service Leadership Approach to Exceptional Customer Service.

All of Myra’s presentations will be fiercely tailored to meet your objectives. Most of her presentations can be tailored for keynotes, breakout sessions, or interactive workshops. Myra requires at least one face-to-face or telephonic meeting before every presentation so she can customize her presentation with razor-sharp content and relevant examples. In some cases, a Myra Golden representative will also conduct a “Mystery Shopper” visit by phone or in person to survey your service practices and problem handling processes. A good speech requires an understanding of your business.

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Special Webinar Teaches How to Handle Difficult Customers

How to Get Angry, Irate or Unreasonable Customers to Back Down

Imagine your next phone call is from an angry, irate customer and you’ve only got a few seconds to gain control.

Are you 100% confident you can handle it?

If not, I’ve got the perfect program for you.  Attend my special webinar entitled “Stop Screaming at Me” and you’ll be able to Handle Any Difficult Customer. Learn more about this special webinar.

National Customer Service Week (Oct 6-10) special 60-minute webinars for Contact Center Reps


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One of my favorite mugs

Pour up a cup of coffee and join us for a high impact webinar in honor of National Customer Service Week!

All events are 60 minutes and are specially priced at $199 each per company

(National customer Service -Week is October 6th – 10th)

October 7, 2014 1:00 – 2:00pm ET

Telephone Techniques + Call Control: Simple Skills to Help You Improve the Customer Experience

The telephone is one of the best branding devices out there. Over the telephone you get 3-5 minutes of your customer’s undivided attention. If you get the interaction right, you can create a memorable experience, generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, and build customer loyalty, which leads to increased profits. This training introduces (or reinforces) basic, yet fundamentally important telephone skills and presents a solid call strategy. Additionally, attendees will learn 9 powerful, but polite call control strategies so that they can easily get whiners, ramblers and storytellers to cut to the chase.

View outline/Register

Wednesday, October 8th, 1:00 – 2:00pm ET

How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections

The biggest problem with the customer experience in most companies is how employees talk to customers. All too often, employees come across as indifferent, cold, uncaring, rushed or rude. This employee “attitude problem” can be the tipping point that sends customers to the competition. This attitude problem is what drives customers to tweet and blog about a poor customer experience. The great news is, with the right training, monitoring and coaching, employees can learn how to soften tones, truly convey empathy, make customers feel taken care of and even make memorable personal emotional connections with customers.

In this extended training event, Myra shows your employees, step-by-step, how to talk to your customers. You’ve gotta read this outline!

View outline/Register

Thursday, October 9th, 1:00 – 2:00pm ET

Stop Screaming at Me!
You don’t have to get frustrated dealing with demanding, irate, or unreasonable customers and you don’t have to put up with verbal abuse and threats from customers.

If you have the right tactics and techniques and the motivation, you can get any angry customer to back down and ultimately regain the customer’s goodwill. I want to get you started down the fast track to total confidence and skill in dealing with frustrating customers. See what this web training is all about.

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“I just viewed the replay of the webinar you did not long ago with citrix online and I was so enlighten and amazed to hear such outstanding information. I am a marketer and I knew surface level some of the information you shared but you went deep and took it to another level of understanding for me, the light bulbs of ideas and solutions have been bombarding my mind ever since. I simply desired to say thank you.”

James Stuart


The suit does not make the woman


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I had a Mastermind meeting with a very successful entrepreneur who also has a growing professional speaking business. We met to trade ideas with the goal of making each other more successful.

One of the tips this successful businesswoman shared with me stunned me. She said, “I never speak in a suit that costs less than $3,000. As speakers we have to look the part.”

Wow. I don’t own a $3,000 suit.

She went on. “My makeup artist has carefully trained me to apply my makeup almost as good as she does. We have to look the part.”

Unless you count the free makeovers I’ve gotten at Mac, I’ve never had a makeup artist. Well, my 14 year old daughter gives me makeup tips.

Immediately I felt small. So regular.

Yes, I believe I need to look good on the stage. But do I really need to drop $3,000 on my suits and work with a makeup artist?

According to this businesswoman, yes, I do. She told me that when she’s preparing to speak at an event, she calls up Sak’s Fifth Avenue and tells them to bring 5 suits to her office. She’ll then choose a suit. Or two.

I don’t have it like that. Not even close.

So, I left feeling small. So small, that a few weeks later I went to Sak’s and looked at suits so that I could “look the part.”

I found 3 suits that I loved. One of them looked like a suit Oprah would wear. I totaled up the price of the three amazing suits: $13,600. (Of course this includes shoes, accessories and matching handbags. Of course.)

I didn’t buy even one. Suits like this are not in my wardrobe budget. I don’t even know why I went to Sak’s looking for suits. Oh, wait. I went because I was feeling small, like I needed to step my suit game up.

I thanked my lovely sales lady and left. On the drive home I was still feeling small.

But then I recalled that my fellow businesswoman is not like me. She is a millionaire. A literal millionaire. She can afford to look like a million bucks. Her clients may expect her to look like a million bucks. Maybe.

Do my clients pay me to look like a million bucks or do they pay me to deliver value?

My clients pay me to deliver a message and they expect me to deliver that message in an engaging, energetic and entertaining way. I put a lot of energy into designing and rehearsing my keynotes so that I captivate every member of my audience and exceed my client’s expectations.

And I deliver that value while still looking nice in my Talbot’s suits and Dillard’s shoes. I do my own makeup too. Unless my daughter is on the road with me. In that case, she does my eye makeup.

I don’t know that I walked out of the mastermind meeting with ideas to help me be more successful. Or maybe I did. I learned that the suit does not make the woman. Not this woman.

Some nice things clients have said about this woman who wears suits that cost less than $3,000. :-)



Myra Golden Reviews

This is hands-down my favorite strategy for controlling calls with long-winded customers


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As you might know, one of the things I teach is how to control calls with customers. Specifically, how to deliver a warm customer experience while politely getting the long-winded customer to cut to the chase.

Lately, every single time I’m in a content design meeting with a new client, someone will say, “Help us control calls!”

It just so happens I was on a call this morning with a chatty-Cathy. She was such a dear and I truly enjoyed talking with her. But I had another conference call scheduled to start in 7 minutes.

I teach call control. Now I needed to control a phone call. I saw this situation as a mini-test, if you will. A test to help me keep my skills fresh.

So I used my favorite call control strategy: Ask 3 closed-ended questions back-to-back.

Here’s some insight on why this method works and what it is exactly.


When customers are long-winded, rambling or story telling, they are likely stuck in the right side of the brain. The right side of the brain tends to use more of our creative, fantasy and philosophical sides, whereas the left side of the brain focuses more on facts, numbers and analytical thinking.

As long as the customer is communicating from the right side of the brain, it will be difficult for you to control the call. You need to effectively shift your customer from the right side of the brain to the left side of the brain.

An easy and very effective way to help your customer make this shift is for you to ask your customer 3 closed-ended questions back to back.

Closed-ended questions are questions that can be answered in one word: “What is the date code on your bag of chips?” is a closed-ended question. “How would you like to handle this?” is an open-ended question.

Closed ended questions work because customers are limited to one word (or perhaps a series of numbers.) Asking closed ended questions will give you some immediate control over the phone call, but to maintain that control, you must ask closed-ended questions that require your customer to go to the left brain to retrieve the answer.

That is, you need to ask questions that require your customer to use analytical thinking, to recall, or to lookup something.

Here’s an example.

When I worked in the car rental industry, I had my staff launch three strategic closed-ended questions the moment they felt they were dealing with a long-winded caller. These are the questions my employees asked.

  1. What is your rental agreement number?
  2. Can you read me the location code located in the top right-hand corner of your agreement?
  3. Can you give me the exact dates of rental?

These questions never failed to get the long-winded caller to stop talking. They never failed because the questions are all closed-ended, relevant to helping the customer, and they all require the customer to use the left-brain to retrieve the answers.

  • Closed-ended questions can be answered in one word
  • Closed-ended questions put you in control
  • Closed-ended questions move the customer from the right bran to the left brain
  • Closed-ended questions keep your customers from rambling

When you are caught on a long call with a storyteller or rambler, ask 3-closed ended questions back to back. Make sure the questions are closed ended (answered in one word or series of numbers), relevant to helping the customer, and require the customer to use the left-brain. When you do, you’ll instantly be back in control of your phone calls.

I see customer service professionals and all kinds of business professionals struggling with call control. I see this a lot.

That’s why I created my Call Control Strategies Training Kit. If your people struggle with long-winded callers, storytellers or ramblers, take a look at this training resource.


How to Resolve Complaints Without Giving the Store Away – free customer service video training from Myra Golden


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As a customer service professional you must be skilled in creating rapport, diffusing anger, thinking on your feet and offering resolutions that completely restore the customer’s confidence in your company. You must also be adept in resolving problems without “giving the store away.”

I have gone way back to get a video to help you resolve problems without giving away the store. The video is slightly painful for me to watch, but it has great content. Watch one of my first YouTube videos to gain field-tested strategies for remedying customers’ problems without losing your wallet.


If you’d like to see more videos like this, please visit my YouTube Channel.

Looking for Customer Service Training -eLearning? – Our flagship program is comprised of 6 online training modules with video, interactivity, downloadable handouts, and quizzes. Customers have the option of enjoying our interactive online training on our Learning Management System (LMS) or through SCORM modules for their own LMS. Explore our eLearning program (with great videos like the one in this post) right here:

TD Bank Turns ATM into Automated Thanking Machine


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So, it’s time for some good news in customer service. One of my clients just emailed to share with me how TD Bank ATMS gave out surprises that stunned customers. The acts of surprise made me smile, cry and thank God for such unexpected joy. I’d like to try to make you smile too. Take a look. You might even cry like I did.




Zappos brings happiness to an airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Wow.

This customer recorded his call into a cable company. I listened. What I heard made me say wow. Just wow.


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So this call was bad. Really bad. All the customer, Ryan Block, wanted was to cancel his Comcast service. Ryan shared 8 minutes of the call on Sound Cloud for all of the Internet world to hear. My favorite phrase from the call is, “Help me understand why you don’t want faster Internet?” I’m still laughing!

Listen to this nightmare of a customer service call and then be thankful that you train and monitor your employees. You do train and monitor your employees, right?

Ryan Block, the customer

Click to listen to phone call.

Consider using this phone call in your customer service training sessions. Here are some discussion questions around the call:

  1. How would you feel about the company if you were the customer on this call?
  2. How likely would you be to spread negative word of mouth advertising either person to person or through social media?
  3. Beyond the customer in the call, how far will the impact of this call likely reach?
  4. What specific things can we learn from this call (what not to do, etc.)?

Want Better Customer Service Over the Telephone?

On Demand Webinar – A video recording that you can download immediately and have forever.

How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections

The biggest problem with the customer experience in most companies is how employees talk to customers. All too often, employees come across as indifferent, cold, uncaring, rushed or rude. This employee “attitude problem” can be the tipping point that sends customers to the competition. This attitude problem is what drives customers to tweet and blog about a poor customer experience. The great news is, with the right training, monitoring and coaching, employees can learn how to soften tones, truly convey empathy, make customers feel taken care of and even make memorable personal emotional connections with customers.

In this extended training event, Myra shows your employees, step-by-step, how to talk to your customers. You’ve gotta read this outline!

View outline/download

Master Customer Service Course – in a 4-segment video!


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Give your employees skills to surprise and delight customers, deal with difficult customers with finesse and ease and to craft emails and chat interactions like a pro — even if they are struggling today, have bad attitudes or no previous training has worked!

Master Customer Service Course.001

I promise, after taking my online video Master Customer Service Course, your employees will be inspired — and you will be thrilled with the new skills they demonstrate for conveying real empathy, making connections with customers, getting angry customers to back down and handling emails and chats far more professionally. I truly think you’ll be STOKED with the improvement in your customer experience after your employees take this training.

My Master Customer Service Course is CLEAR, CONCISE AND geared to give your team QUICK RESULTS that will keep your employees engaged and excited about their developing skills.

In my Master Customer Service Course, I teach your employees:

How to Talk to Customers (Video #1)

You can sample an excerpt from my “How to Talk to Customers” webinar below.

  • When you don’t feel empathetic, you sound insincere and indifferent. I walk your employees through 2 powerful exercises to help them convey real empathy in their words, tone and pauses.
  • The art of connecting with customers…make emotional connections with your customers through acknowledgement, being fully present and by mirroring the customer.
  • 7 ready-made phrases that convey sincere empathy (when combined with the right attitude and tone)
  • How to correct a mistaken or confused customer. This is fragile territory, but I will show you how to tread lightly, yet confidently. You will learn how to take yourself out of the middle of the issue and make the truth as easy to accept as a spoonful of honey.
  • Exactly how to handle a problem that is actually the customer’s fault. I explain why you can’t outright tell a customer he is wrong, even when he is, and I show you how to tactfully help the customer to see things the way you need them to.
  • There are some words you just can’t say to customers. I’ll show your people how to sterilize your communication so that they don’t evoke a negative response from the customer.
  • How to make customers feel smart/good even if they ask “silly” questions.
  • Needs are met!.…Proactively work to meet your customers’ expressed and un-expressed needs…I introduce two powerful analogies that will ensure your employees retain this strategy and that they have the inspiration to truly meet un-expressed customer needs.
  • Exactly how to make every caller feel taken care of…6 ideas from the Apple Genius Bar.
  • The customer service icon that customer service professionals are flipping for…what Gumby can teach you about empathy, tone and solving problems customers experience…This new approach to service delivery is fun to implement, sticks with your employees, and truly surprises and delights customers.

Master Customer Service Course Myra GoldenGumby is one of the most memorable examples from this video!

How to Deal with Difficult Customers (Video 2)

  • The little-known simple strategy for laying a foundation and winning over difficult customers right from the start
  • 3 Comebacks for the customer who tries to manipulate you with intimidation or aggression
  • The psychology of consumer anger…what you need to know so that you don’t inadvertently set a customer off
  • 20 powerful phrases, word-for-word, to help you regain control of a tough situation with a difficult customer
  • The best way to politely get a rambler or storyteller to cut to the chase
  • How to keep yourself from becoming upset and unraveled when dealing with irate or unreasonable customers
  • The number one way to handle the customer who demands to speak to your manager
  • The four indispensable techniques for moving difficult customers out of the emotional right brain to the rational left-brain so they can calm down and listen to you
  • The number one thing you can do to regain control of a conversation with a difficult customer
  • How simply saying, “You’re right.” can stop a ranting customer cold. But you have to know how and when to use this tactic.

So you can deal with difficult customers with ease, effectiveness and confidence, and in such a way that regains goodwill, even if you never dreamed you could. 

Take a 15-minute test drive of this video right now.



The Essentials of Front Desk Saftey.001


How to Write Business-Friendly Emails That Emotionally Connect with Customers (Video #3)

  • Build instant rapport with your customers by writing with a casual, contemporary tone
  • How to structure your email for greatest impact
  • Benchmarking the best of the best: Outstanding email examples from such service legends as, QVC,, BestBuy, and more
  • Why you need to communicate with short sentences and short paragraphs in email
  • How to write short, descriptive subject lines and why you should
  • Kid-glove techniques for responding to complaints over email when you can’t say “yes”
  • How to avoid negative words and phrases in email that can push your customer’s hot buttons
  • How to know when it’s time to break the email thread and just pick up the phone
  • The greatest major hurdle to completely answering every question customers pose in emails:  Once you’ve reached this special “tipping point,” your email response will suddenly hit a whole new level    
  • The 5 grammar gaffes that rob you of credibility - and how to avoid them
  • Proofing techniques expert editors use

I include example best practice emails from great companies like Zappos, Southwest Airlines and JcPenney…

Myra Golden Complaint Response Email

How to Deliver the Very Best Chat Customer Experience (Video #4)

Get the chat started off right with an upbeat tone and by establishing rapport

  • Skip a wordy greeting and offer help right away…because that’s what your customers want!
  • Is small talk appropriate over chat and if so, what is considered appropriate?
  • How to sound warm, conversational and friendly when you have to ask the customer several questions.

Best practices for the best chat customer experience

Best practices for the best chat customer experience

  • Treat the chat experience like a phone call….<60 second interaction, resolve the issue on that chat or make every effort to get the sale.
  • The 3 crucial components of conversation flow over chat.
  • How to find the right balance between free form and canned responses for the most personalized chat experience.

Proven ways to convey an “At your service” attitude

  • How “standing by” while the customer completes an order or application can make a tremendous impact on the customer’s satisfaction with the chat experience, while requiring very little effort on your Reps’ part.
  • The importance of keeping customers apprised while Reps are searching for information…and exactly how to keep customers updated. NEVER make
  • Take every step possible to reduce customer effort during the chat experience….be brief, clear and swift.
  • When the chat request is beyond the scope of the chat Rep: Verbiage that makes the customer feel taken care of and also makes the chat Rep sound knowledgeable and helpful.
  • The chat opening sets the tone, but the closing is what leaves the overall impression and supports the corporate brand. We’ll show you exactly how to close a chat session.

Your Master Customer Service Course includes these bonuses:

Bonus #1

Managing to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Performance and Behavior: How to Handle Difficult Employees and Bad Attitudes with Ease – a 2-hour webinar recording – a $299 value!

Bonus #2

My book, Beyond WOW in ebook format


The explosive ideas in this book will help you go beyond the WOW experience to build, repair, and grow customer relationships. – a $20 value!

Click to order Master Customer Service Video Course.

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you or your employees are not thrilled with this video training experience, just contact my office within 30 days and we’ll refund your registration fee.

What I’m saying is don’t decide now ifthe Master Customer Service Course is right for you.

Take this training experience – risk free.

If my Master Customer Service Course doesn’t help your employees convey empathy and friendliness, if I don’t guide them step by step through how to deal with difficult customers, if I don’t take them by the hand and teach them exactly how to structure emails for maximum emotional connection with your customers and show your people how to consistently create warm experiences over the phone, then we don’t deserve your registration fee and we’ll gladly give it back.

You have nothing to lose!

So, how much is this tremendous training experience going to cost your company? Well, the regular price for the Master Customer Service Video Course is $199, but only for a limited time! 

Plus, because this is the virtual video training version of the Master Customer Service Course, you can access the course immediately access the training….and you can download and save the course and have it forever.

Click to order Master Customer Service Video Course.


How to Improve the Student Experience by Flipping Your Classroom


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Training & Development

Paying attention to the student experience and constantly improving on it is just as important to teachers as the customer experience is to corporations. We must learn to engage students and teach them the way they prefer to learn. In this post I am sharing a creative teaching method called the Flipped Classroom.

Consider flipping your classroom

The traditional method of classroom lectures combined with doing homework alone around the kitchen table is no longer effective for today’s high-tech, high engagement students.

Students spend several hours a week with mobile devices in their hands, online, watching videos and interacting with social media. You can tap into your students’ preferences by bringing what they love to do into your instructional method.

Flip teaching allows students to learn new content the way they like to interact: by watching video lectures in the comfort of their home online on mobile devices, and then working problems (old-school homework) in the classroom in small groups.

Flip teaching, also known as a flipped classroom, allows instructors to be more interactive with students in the classroom. It also gives instructors the opportunity to offer needed guidance during problem solving on activities that were traditionally assigned as homework.

Flipping your classroom is to simply have students learn content at home online and then work on problems, case studies and discussion questions in the classroom.

Teachers, I hope you’ll consider flip teaching. When you flip your classroom, your students will retain more content and they’ll enjoy your class far more.


5 Ways to Never Be Boring As a Keynote Speaker

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Are you a corporate trainer who is looking for customer service training to deliver to your team?


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