A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.


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A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.

–Chinese proverb

Great Day-2

I took the day off yesterday. My family and I joined my parents at a WNBA game. Our team, the Tulsa Shock, won convincingly. After the game we walked over to a flatbread café and had a delicious lunch.

While sitting in the restaurant I spotted a familiar cupcake bakery. I’d been to this bakery in Oklahoma City a few times. The décor is an immediate wow. It’s a French inspired, pink crazed, whimsical pink boutique. The cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat and too delicious not to devour. The taffy is good too.


As we finished our meal and took care of the check, I raved about the cupcake bakery to my mother and insisted that we stop in before heading home. My mother, fully satisfied from our flatbread, wasn’t interested in cupcakes. But I went on and on about the cupcakes, candy, trinkets and décor. Finally she gave in.

We walk into the bakery, nearly empty that time of day, and my energy of anticipation of sweet artistic treats matches the hot pink walls. With a big smile, I look toward the 3 employees up front behind the counter. No one makes eye contact with me. No one smiles. No one speaks.

That was a let down. So, I simply give my mother a tour, pointing out the party rooms and showing off some of my favorite treats. Employees are engaged in conversations with each other. After several minutes I catch up with my daughter and tell her how disappointed I am that no one bothered to greet us. She tells me noticed it too.

I was ready to grab to-go cupcakes for my entire family. And these cupcakes are not cheap. As you know, service is everything to me. Yes, the cupcakes here are freakin good. Yes, the hot pink walls and whimsical details blow my mind. But none of this is good enough for me to ignore being ignored by the staff. So, I say to my mother, “The service here is pissing me off. Let’s go.” And out we walked.

My mother and daughter get me when it comes to service. I have to feel welcomed and a sense of warmth in order to trade my dollars for a product. As I walked out, I thought of the Chinese proverb:

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.



Bad Customer Service Makes People Cry, Shout and Experience Headaches

Here’s a Great Energizer for Telephone Techniques Training Classes


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In March I facilitated a 2-day Soft Skills training for more than a hundred people for a client in South Dakota. Do you know how hard one must work to keep 100 people fully engaged for 2 full days?

Hard. You have to work hard. And creatively. Of course, one must have endless energy too.

Fortunately I am anointed to engage audiences with boundless energy and stories. But it takes more than that. You have to engage audiences and keep them nearly spellbound. Or else you’ll lose them to their smart phones or thoughts.

I was going into the final inning of this 2-day training in South Dakota. Participants had just returned from lunch. If you’re a seasoned trainer, you know that the hardest part of training is right after lunch. That’s when you are at the greatest risk of losing your audience.

So, here’s what I did. Immediately after lunch I instructed my audience, already clustered in small groups of 8 at round tables, to think of a company. Any company. Small groups thought of all sorts of companies: Wal-Mart, Zappos, a taco restaurant, and pretty much any business you might imagine.

Red Phone

Then I explained to my audience that they would be calling up the company they chose. They would have one person in each small group make the call from their cellphone while the rest of the group listened in on speaker. They were to make a routine customer inquiry. The goal was to look for what made the call amazing, mediocre or poor and then come back and give short presentation to the large group.

Because my audience was large, more than 100 people, I had several groups leave the ballroom and find quiet spots throughout the event center. I allowed 10 minutes for the call activity.

Customer Service Training

After about 10 minutes, I called the groups back in and we heard presentations of horrible customer service calls, WOW calls and lots of unimpressive, but not really bad calls.

This activity served 4 purposes:

1. It got my audience up and moving right after lunch, a time when people might otherwise surf their phones or drift somewhere in their heads. Or even sleep.

2. All audience members were fully engaged. They were engaged in choosing the company, engaged as they tried to figure out where the exercise was going, and they were fully involved in making the call and preparing presentations.

3. Participants learned what a great call sounded like and felt like. In the debrief after presentations, we discussed how we could take the great and apply it to their own calls with customers.

4. People got to hear what bad and mediocre calls felt like. The goal, of course, was to make sure they never left customers with the bad feeling of poor customer service.

Keep your audiences engaged with energizing activities that teach an important point. (This is particularly important after lunch and in the late afternoon.) When you do, your audiences will have more fun, learn more and they’ll think you’re awesome.

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What a Myra Golden Training is Like

Ways I Engage My Audiences

How to Get Customer Service Reps to Express Empathy

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I stayed at the Grand Hyatt DFW. Was it worth $300 a night?


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Grand Hyatt

I missed a connection in Dallas and had to spend the night at the Grand Hyatt. Well, I chose to spend the night at the Grand Hyatt. American Airlines offered to put me up in a very low-budget hotel, or was it a motel? The hotel or motel, whatever it was, was several miles away. It had no onsite restaurants. I was tired. And hungry. This hotel was just not an option for me. Not even for free.

I fly through DFW often and I recalled seeing the Grand Hyatt right onsite at the airport. I looked them up on my MacBook. I loved what I saw when I clicked “About.”

About Grand Hyatt

Expect nothing but the best at Grand Hyatt hotels. The most spectacular accommodations. The most savory dining options. The most eye-opening entertainment. You’ll find our distinctive hotels in major cities and resort locales, right in the center of it all. Our hotels are places to enjoy, to socialize within and entertain on any level you wish.

All our hotels boast dramatic, energetic lobbies, exquisite dining options, state-of-the-art technology, spas, fitness centers, and comprehensive business and meeting facilities.

So throw the wedding of your dreams, plan your yearly conference, or just settle in for a romantic weekend of luxury for two. Our hotels will meet and exceed all your needs throughout your stay.


After checking out the hotel’s restaurants and factoring in the close proximity and wonderful overview on their website, I decided to book the hotel.

The lobby was dramatic and energetic, just as the website said. There were a few guests checking in when I arrived, maybe 3. I’d been in line about 10 seconds when a hotel employee walked up and offered me a bottle of water. He spoke and carried himself with the formality and eloquence of a host in a country club.


My room was the bomb! The window shades ascended the moment I stepped through the door, the lights came up and the television came on. Wow. The bed welcomed me like I welcome springtime.


I appreciated the electrical outlet nestled into the nightstand next to the bed. So often in hotels the outlets are behind the nightstand which can be a little inconvenient.

This was an airport, so the view was limited to airport stuff. From my room I was able to watch air traffic flow in and out of the airport. I rather enjoyed that.


One of the reasons I chose the Grand Hyatt was the dining. Some of you know I am a foodie and a vegetarian, so the dining is the most important thing for me. Before booking this nearly $300 a night hotel, I looked at the restaurant menus. Here’s what I saw before reaching the menu.

Hyatt is proudly offering food options that are good for Hyatt guests, good for the community and good for the planet.

 From natural, local and sustainable sources.

We are always striving to honor the individual requests of our guests.  It’s why our menus feature plentiful, healthful options alongside our more indulgent ones. And our children’s menus encourage them to eat well and be well with right-sized options.  

So no matter what our guests order, a great deal of thought and care has gone into each dish. Our guests deserve nothing less.

I also saw that one of the hotel restaurants, the Grand Met, had vegetarian and vegan options. Again, as a plant-based eater, this appealed to me big time.

My dinner was among some of finest dining experiences I have ever had on a business trip. I enjoyed the Artisanal Green salad, which featured superfood greens, red spinach, carrot, grana padano and Banyuls vinaigrette. Then, for my entrée, I enjoyed the perfect Garden Pasta.


I passed on the $7 bottle of water.

The Grand Hyatt delivered an amazing customer experience – from the dramatic lobby first impression, to the state of the art amenities in the room, to the very fine dining experience with conscientious ingredients and plant-based options. Was this hotel worth the $300 I had to shell out? Yes, yes it was.

Myra Golden is a customer experience keynote speaker and trainer who travels North America looking for great stories to share, and new ways to help her clients deliver the best possible customer experience.

Trainer Facilitator Kits for Corporate Trainers – Novice and Veteren Trainers Alike will Love These Kits


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All training kits include:

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13 Short Customer Service YouTube Videos You Can Use for Training


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Myra Golden’s Customer Service Video Library

Top 6 Ways to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down

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Verbal Aikido

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When it comes to problems customer experience, what upsets customers is usually how the company responds to the problem – not the problem itself.

Handling a Problem That’s the Customer’s Fault

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Be Gumby – A fun and memorable customer service

“How to Handle Difficult Customers” Webinar Sneak Preview – Myra Golden 

The “Easy” Customer Experience

How to Talk to Customers: Empathy, Tone and Making Personal Emotional Connections – Webinar Sample

How to Lose a Customer Over 8 Dimes 

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Do-it-Yourself Training Kits for Corporate Trainers

Training Kits Available for the Following Topics:

All training kits include:

  • Prewritten training modules
    • Reproducible comprehensive participant workbook that drives home key points and serves as a reference point long after the training is over. 

    • High-impact PowerPoint slide deck that you can use as-is or customize with your logo and specific examples. 

    • Detailed trainer’s notes to help you quickly get ready to train. 

    • Certificate for free consultation with Myra Golden – Consult with Myra about the philosophy, objectives or delivery of this training program before you deliver it! 

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Customer Service Training – Online (LMS)

Customer Service Training – Webinars

What I Learned From the Zappos Contact Center


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You may already know that I love to benchmark best in class companies and then share ideas with my clients. You may also know that one of my favorite companies to study (and shop) is Zappos.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.39.02 PM

In rehearsal for my Zappos webinar

Six years ago I became both a student and consumer of Zappos. As a student, I have studied the Zappos approach to quality monitoring, social customer service, culture, emotional connections, interviewing, training, how they handle challenging customers, and more.

In this special web event I will be sharing with you some of my biggest “Ah-ha” moments from my benchmark study of Zappos. Take a quick look at the outline to see what I’ll be sharing. There will also be an opportunity for open Q &A so feel free to bring your questions.

Find out how Zappos motivates CSRs to deliver friendliness and wow on every call while delivering impressive call center metrics – without management, rules or even call talk time targets.

I promise, after just 60-minutes with me, you will be inspired and thrilled with how satisfying call center management can be! And once you’ve gotten a taste of IMPRESSING your customers and bosses by seriously upping your customer experience, you will be completely STOKED! 

Getting your team to communicate with empathy, friendliness and personal connection is EASY TO DUPLICATE using the CLEAR, CONCISE methods used by the Zappos contact center. 

In this new webinar, I reveal secrets like:

  • The most important secret for actually getting performance and behavior change through quality call monitoring.
  • A creative way to connect with customers in just 15-minutes a day. I’ll tell you exactly how Zappos employees do it every single day.
  • The number one thing you need to know about creating a customer-focused culture that so many call centers learn the hard way.
  • This little-known fact can make a better “coach” out of anyone —and the one secret that will give you rockstar status as you coach employees to optimal performance.
  • Four indispensable techniques for getting employees to convey empathy, friendliness and warmth.
  • Why Zappos pays employees $2000 to quit and the lesson you can take away from their practice.
  • Why treating employees very well pays off. Specific ways you can treat your employees even better.
  • Surprise and delight. How Zappos does it. Discover if this is a good fit for your organization.
  • Why Zappos stopped monitoring calls the traditional way and how they do it now. 

—So you can capture the magic of leading your team to deliver the best possible customer experience, even if you never thought you could!

So, how much is this tremendous call center benchmark experience going to cost you? Well, the regular price for our webinars is $299. However, for a limited time, we are offering an early-bird discount and you can join this event for $199. This early-bird discount is valid through June 10, 2015.

What I Learned From the Zappos Contact Center (Live webinar)

June 17, 2015 1pm – 2pm ET

$299 for unlimited participation per company



What Aikido Masters Know About Handling Difficult People That You Don’t


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Verbal Aikido I’m sitting at my desk reading feedback from my recent Verbal Aikido workshop. The workshop was: “What Aikido Master Know About Handling Difficult People That You Don’t” As you know, much of what I teach is focused on how to most effectively deal with difficult customers. So, for this special online training event I will taught my clients how to deal with extremely difficult customers. I call these customers collectively The Consumer Vigilante. Here’s what one participant had to say about the training:

“We have seen versions of this before but I like that you are updating and refreshing these webinars. Sometimes seeing them refreshed or in a different format or something, it may help things click with some of the reps. I think with the climate we are in and more customers being stressed out than ever, we are having more and more challenging customers and our reps need the ammunition to help them and help themselves otherwise it makes the job so much harder. I can’t wait to get the recording of this to make this one a required webinar where we will sit down and talk about it afterwards as a team.”

Deb Riley,Consumer Affairs Supervisor, Ahold USA

In the training I explained that today’s consumers are impatient, savvy and relentless. Some customers, the consumer vigilantes, will stop at nothing. I walked my audience through the toll difficult customs are taking on employees and organizations:

  1. Extremely difficult customers are putting serious stress on employees. This stress is bringing down morale and inviting burnout.
  2. Difficult customers cost companies money! The time it takes to deal with unhappy and extremely difficult customers is taking time away from your best customers and resulting in a poor customer experience because staff can’t deliver the best service to the best customers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.08.33 PM

Screen shot from my Verbal Aikido rehearsal

I shared thoughts, stories, perspectives and research to inspire my audience to take a more focused approach toward handling difficult customers. And then I presented a powerful solution to handling difficult customers, the consumer vigilantes of the world: What Aikido Masters Know About Handing Difficult People That You Don’t 5 Aikido Principles for Creating Calm, Defusing Anger and Moving to Closure with Difficult Customers If you missed the big event, you can still purchase the training video. Your training includes: Unlimited viewing within your organization with no expiration Rights to download and save webinar video Rights to incorporate webinar within your Learning Management System (LMS) What Aikido Masters Know About Handing Difficult People That You Don’t 60-minute video on-demand video training $299 per organization Purchase

Why I Became a Vegetarian


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I dine out with clients regularly. And when it’s time to select a restaurant or order my entree, the subject often comes up: Why did you become a vegetarian? I don’t mind the question at all. I love sharing my story of why I became a vegetarian. FullSizeRender

Vegetarian Sushi from Osaka in Tulsa for my daughter’s 15th birthday.

Last year I did a 5-day juice cleanse to rid my body of toxins and to help me lose a few pounds. I liked the way I felt after the cleanse. (I lost 8 pounds and noticed more energy and more vibrant skin.) After the cleanse, my body craved vegetables. I simply lost my appetite for meat.

But within a few months the novelty wore off, habit kicked in, and I began eating fish and chicken again. Then my friend Toneille recommended a book: By Any Greens Necessary, by Tracye McQuirter. One Wednesday in January I sat down and began to read the book. The book described the horrific suffering animals go through to get on my plate. I realized, through this profound book, that animals feel afraid and sad, just like us. They feel suffering. I put the book down and haven’t eaten meat, eggs or milk since. I eat very little cheese and my goal is to ultimately give up cheese as well. IMG_7175

Lovely vegetarian snack my client, Make-a-Wish of America, sent up to my room the evening before my big keynote in Scottsdale. The thoughtfulness of my client nearly brought me to tears. 

I explored being a vegetarian because a plant-based diet made me feel better and it increases my chances of living a long life filled with vitality. I committed to a plant-based diet when I understood the treatment of animals. That is the story of why I became a vegetarian. :-)

Kd’s Southern Customer Experience: Kevin Durant is the MVP of the Customer Experience


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The name is what draws people to the restaurant. Kd’s Southern Cuisine, owned by NBA MVP Kevin Durant. The name, more specifically, the owner is the sole reason I chose to dine at Kd’s.

A photo posted by @kdsbricktown on

Kd’s looks like an unpretentious café in a new development, but it’s actually a fine restaurant flawlessly delivering southern cuisine, ambiance and a jaw-dropping customer experience.


So here’s my experience at Kd’s. Once seated, the hostess handed us menus bound in leather. The leather on the menu casing was strong, worn and beautiful, like a pair of beloved cowboy boots.


And when I opened the menu, it lit up like a Christmas tree. Lighted menus! What a novel idea. This is especially helpful to those of us who are ready for readers or those who have left them behind. It was as easy to read the menu as it is for me to read a book on my Kindle in a completely dark room. Kd’s had me at lighted menus.


The food was exquisite. We started with Fried Green Tomatoes as the appetizer. The fried tomatoes were topped with a housemaid remoulade and laid on a bed of cucumber salad. It was delicious and a complete joy to eat. I was disappointed that I had to share it.

I chose the Arugula salad with a side of braised greens for my entree. The salad, oh, the salad! Bite after bite it blessed my palate with roasted beets, pine nuts, goat cheese and apple vinaigrette dressing. The colors, texture and flavors were like a well-rehearsed symphony. Perfect.

And the greens…mustard and turnip greens with onion and garlic. When I looked at the little bowl of greens and took in the aroma, I drifted to my mother’s kitchen and I was standing over a big pot of greens on a holiday. The greens were “slap your mama” good.

A photo posted by @kdsbricktown on


The bar area in Kd’s Southern Cuisine restaurant in Bricktown, Oklahoma City.

As amazing as the food was, and it really was amazing, that wasn’t even the biggest wow for me. The service experience was the big wow for me. Four things stand out from my dining experience at Kd’s.

1. Success is in the details. As a Customer Experience Designer, I notice the details. The lit menu was a detail that told me Kd’s cared about presentation and that ease of reading menus was a focus.

2. Polished and professional people working as a team. Another detail was the team approach to the customer experience. A poised, confident gentleman walked about the restaurant topping off drinks. His presence was so powerful that I initially thought he was a manager. He was watchful and attentive, serving the entire restaurant. Each time he stopped by our table to refill water or tea, he took a few seconds to make small talk. He showed genuine interest in us and he was charismatic, and a joy to speak with.

3. Everybody served everybody. Our server was great. He spoke with grace, made eye contact and had a wonderful “at your service” attitude throughout our dining experience. He was perfect and needed no assistance from his team to take care of us. And yet, several other servers stopped by our table to check on things and to say hello. It seemed that everyone’s job was to make sure everyone was having a great dining experience.

4. Employees sought out guest contact. I noticed an employee entering the restaurant to start her shift. I noticed her because as she walked through the restaurant, she looked in our direction, made friendly eye contact, smiled and said hello. Her eye contact and smile gave me a real sense of connection with her.

She then went to the employee area, put on an apron and re-appeared to serve customers. She stopped by our table just to check to see how we were enjoying our meal. How easy it would have been for her to simply walk by and report to her station. But instead, she stopped to say hello and that was delightful.

Kd’s very clearly has an established culture of teamwork. All employees speak and make small talk with guests. All libations are taken care of by one capable server. All servers serve all customers, not just guests at their tables.

Take-away: How might you adopt a team approach to your customer experience?

Use my experience at Kd’s to spark discussions on your own customer experience. Here are 2 questions to get you started.

  1. How might we adopt a culture of teamwork where everybody is trained to help everyone? How might this speed up, improve or change our customer experience?
  2. What if our employees sought out customer contact (make eye contact, say hello, offer to help) instead of simply focusing on their jobs?

The name, Kevin Durant, drew me in. But it was the stunning team approach to the customer experience and the exquisitely prepared food that will bring me back.

Myra Golden is a customer experience keynote speaker and trainer who travels North America looking for great stories to share, and new ways to help her clients deliver the best possible customer experience.

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The Secret to Being in Business for 60 Years: Patience, openness and warmth (Sanders Barbershop in Broken Arrow, OK)


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A few weeks ago my daughter and I went on a photography walk in downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where we live. We saw many interesting sites, many familiar, but some new finds as well.

Just as we were heading back to our car, I spotted Commercial Street. I couldn’t recall ever walking down Commercial Street. My daughter, 14 and easily aggravated when she has to be away from her iPhone for more than a few minutes, said, “No, let’s go to the car.” I had encouraged her to keep her phone tucked away so we could focus on conversation and street art.

So, we turned onto Commercial Street and started walking, the setting sun at our backs and deep shadows marking our path. The shadows seemed to be pointing to a barbershop pole. My eyes lit up and I pulled my camera to my left eye and focused on the pole. My daughter sighed. She probably rolled her eyes too, but I chose to not look close enough to see.

Barber Shop-3

Sanders Barbershop, Broken Arrow, OK

You just don’t see barbershop poles much these days. I began taking photos of the pole and through the windows into the shop. The Sorry, we’re closed sign was up. But to my surprise, a man with a broom filled the frame. He startled me and I was suddenly embarrassed to be snooping through his shop with my camera. I saw cut hair in a pile near the back. Ah, they’re closed, but he is still here cleaning up. I was sure the man was going to come out and tell me to scramble away from his store.

Barber Shop

Original sinks and cabinetry in Sanders Barbershop 

I took my hands off of my camera and let the camera hang from its strap around my neck, as if that gesture would make my curious lens invisible. My daughter had a look that said I told you we should have just gone to the car.

He opened the door, smiled and said, “Why don’t you come in? You’ll get much better pictures from inside.” I nearly leaped off of the sidewalk! My daughter looked at me and tried desperately to speak to me with her eyes. She was probably saying, “Really mom!” But in I walked.

Barber Shop-2

Mr. Sanders is his name and he owns the shop. He told me his family has run his barbershop in downtown Broken Arrow for more than 60 years. Mr. Sanders took the time to give me a tour of the vintage shop. We talked about the furniture, fixtures, antique cash register and his years of service with the US Navy. As we talked, my camera shutter fluttered.

Barber Shop-4

Each of the barber chairs looked like this. My jaw dropped as I ran my hands across the soft leather and took in the sturdy antiques.

My daughter and I stayed a good little while and then I realized Mr. Sanders must have someplace to be this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I knew my daughter was past bored. I thanked Mr. Sanders and we said goodbye.

Barber Shop-5

Mr. Sanders told me this cash register is 100 years old.

When I walked into Sanders Barbershop, I felt like I was being welcomed by an old friend. He smiled as we talked and I felt good, excited and at ease. He was open with me. My many questions, my large lens and my moving about his place of business didn’t make him impatient. He seemed glad I was there. I imagine Mr. Sanders treats his customers with the same warmth, openness and patience. Perhaps this is his secret to being in business for more than 60 years.

Myra Golden is a customer experience keynote speaker and trainer who travels North America looking for great stories to share, and new ways to help her clients deliver the best possible customer experience.

Myra has worked for 14 years delivering riveting keynotes and behavior-changing customer service workshops. Her clients include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Ally, Lincoln Financial, Montage Furniture Services and Proctor & Gamble among others.


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